About Robert M. Overstreet and
The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide

Author and Publisher Robert M. Overstreet launched The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide (CBPG) in 1970 after years of research and consultation with prominent dealers and collectors. Demand for the publication was so strong that he had go to back to press – with corrections, changes, and additions – with a second printing in 1971.

Every year since then, based on information supplied by an network of Overstreet Advisors, as well as auction results, catalog sales, and other transactions, a new edition of the Guide has been produced with updated prices, market reports, and other data.

Early in its run, the Guide become known as The Bible of the comic industry. What’s more, starting with Don Newton (CBPG #4), Joe Kubert (#5), Will Eisner (#6), and Carl Barks (#7), a veritable Who’s Who of the top cover artists across its more than five decades has provided cover art for the Guide and made doing an Overstreet cover a bucket list item for professionals.

In 1994, Overstreet sold his company to Geppi Family Enterprises Chairman and President Steve Geppi’s Gemstone Publishing, where he has continued to work on the Guide ever since.

Carrying Bob Overstreet’s relentless dedication to listening to all serious parties in the marketplace, as well as comic book historians, Overstreet Access is a vehicle for delivering updated prices to collectors and dealers alike, along with top level collection management tools and more.

Notice: About Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide Prices

Values for items listed or pictured on Overstreet Access and/or in The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide are based on author’s experience, consultations with a network of advisors including collectors specializing in various categories, and actual prices realized for specific items sold through auctions (both online and in-person) and private sales, as well as at comic book shops.

The values offered are approximations influenced by many factors including condition, rarity, and demand, and they should serve as only guidelines, presenting an average range of what one might expect to pay for the items. In the marketplace, knowledge and opinions held by both sellers and buyers determine prices asked and prices paid.

This is not a price list of items for sale or items wanted by the author or publisher. The author and the publisher shall not be held responsible for losses that may occur in the purchase, sale, or other transaction of property because of information contained herein. Efforts have been made to present accurate information, but the possibility of error exists.

We actively seek contributor input, as we have done since the first publication of The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide in 1970. Readers who believe that they have discovered an error are invited to submit information directly to us or mail corrective information to Gemstone Publishing, 10150 York Rd., Suite 300, Hunt Valley, MD 21030. Verified corrections will be incorporated into our listings.